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Issue 2 Vol. 7
Hospital stay? Don’t get caugHt by
taking one meDicine too many?
The American Geriatrics Society recently updated If you have Medicare and have a hospital stay, it is the Beers Criteria –a list of drugs that seniors important to know how your stay was classified. should avoid, or at least, discuss with their doctors. According to a recent AARP article, many patients One common offender is Benadryl. Benadryl and who stay multiple days in the hospital think they similar drugs are used for allergies, hives and have been “admitted”, but they are considered eczema. In seniors, it can cause mental changes outpatients under “observation.” This designation such as temporary confusion and can worsen already has an impact on how services are covered. existing memory loss. Benadryl can also cause For example, Medicare Part A does not cover drowsiness, blurred vision, difficulty urinating and outpatient services; Part B will cover your emergency constipation. People with enlarged prostates or those observation services, but there will be additional with glaucoma should avoid Benadryl. If you are co-payments for each outpatient service. Plus if you taking Benadryl, talk it over with your doctor to be are not admitted as an inpatient, Medicare will not cover skilled nursing or rehabilitation at a facility. Source: American Geriatrics Society However, nursing visits at home would be covered, even if you were admitted as an outpatient. Bottom line: if you or a loved one have a hospital take care of your own HealtH
stay, ask if you have been admitted. If you are in Taking care of yourself isn’t selfish, it’s necessary. “observation”, remember that home care is a discharge Remember: if you don’t stay healthy, you can’t take option for you that will be covered by Medicare. good care of your relative. Here are some tips to Do you neeD Help witH Home meDical
•  Schedule at least 15 minutes a day for proceDures?
physical exercise or meditative relaxation.
As a caregiver, are you taking on “medical/nursing •  Strive to eat healthy and get a good night’s tasks” in addition to helping with daily activities? According to a 10/9/12 New York Times, New Old Age Blog article, this is growing trend. You don’t need to go •  Visit your doctor for annual physicals and it alone! Reach out to VNA Community Healthcare. Our professional home care staff can provide the proper teaching and guidance you need. Call our •  Use simple safety measures like using a Transitional Care Nurses at 203.458.4275 or toll
free 1.866.862.0888 to see if you are eligible for
•  Be accountable to a “buddy” who will encourage positive changes and cheer you on. we’re celebrating!
Visit or
call our toll free Helpline (1.866.474.5230) for more
developed the Caregiver Support Network to meet a tips on how to stay healthy and our complete flu growing need in our community. Since that time we clinic schedule. have helped thousands of families along their unique wHat are your main concerns?
We would love to hear your story. Please send your We want to know! Contact Jo Ann Begley at thoughts by email to [email protected]
203.458.5950 or [email protected].
or by mail to VNA Community Healthcare, 753 w w w. C o n n e c t i c u t H o m e c a r e . o r g
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