Welcome back to Lotta Kivisto, NOTE: NEW DATE Colette Foskett and Sheley Be- STRIKE DAY Thursday 17th OCTOBER gum, who are returning to School will be closed because of joint action from the NUT and the EYU, Colette is now the So school is closed . support teacher in Year 6 and Monday 14th October for a Teacher Training Day Sheley returns to her role in Tuesday 15th October for Eid-ul-Adha Thursday 17th October due Strike Action. Hannah Wheatcroft, Reema Ali and Nazma Ahmed all had ba- Gorsefield Meeting for Yr 6 Parents on Wednesday 2nd Octo- bies during the summer holiday. ber at 9.00. They are all doing well and will be in to visit soon. Jamie also Parent Consultations: in the weeks beginning 7th , 14th, 21st became a father over the sum- October you will receive an appointment time from your child’s mer holiday and has just re- Kelly Artell joined our Early Years Team as class teachers The building work in the lobby Our Food Co-op is and Yasmin are all Newly Quali- ished the reception area will be more open and welcoming to tober. Come Assistant Head responsible for larger parents’ room which the EYU and Lesley Reynolds is parents can use to meet their very reasonable prices. Acting Deputy Head for this child’s teacher or have a chat Eid parties for children are on term until we appoint a perma- and a cup of tea or coffee. nent deputy. Sarah Gallagher is We hope the building work will Please send home cooked food successfully leading the school end of the half term


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2011 Alabama Medical Malpractice Decisions FroOnly a Similarly Situated Healthcare Provider May Offer Expert Testimony Springhill Hospitals, Inc. v. Critopoulos, 2011 WL 5607816 (Ala.) Under the Alabama Medical Liability Act, only a “similarly situated” healthcare provider may provide expert testimony in a medical malpractice case. One of the requirements to meet this definition is that t

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