Land conservation committee meeting agenda

100 Polk County Plaza, Balsam Lake, Wisconsin Wednesday, February 9, 2011 9:30am
County Board Room
Call to order Approve Agenda Approval of Minutes of the Previous Meeting Public Comments -Review bear damage abatement procedures with WDP participant Randy Freer (discussion only) Mathy Construction Company NMM Reclamation Permit (discussion only) -Approve claims for 2010 (discussion/action) Resolution – WI DNR Rapid Response Grant for Japanese Knotweed (discussion/action) Conservation St. Croix Memorandum of Understanding (discussion/action) -Review MOU between counties in St. Croix River watershed Voucher Review and Financial Reports (discussion/action) Policy 10 – Duties and Responsibilities of Governing Committees (discussion only) -Information for discussion at March meeting regarding LCC Duty Roster, roles and responsibilities Directors Report (discussion only) -Other Agency Reports -DNR-Forestry/Wildlife -NRCS-Keith Zygowicz -FSA-Aaron Moore -UWEX-Vacant Presentation by Staff Person (time permitting) This meeting is open to the public according to Wisconsin State Statute 19.83. Persons with disabilities wishing to attend and/or participate are asked to notify the County Clerks office (715-485-9226) at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled meeting time so all reasonable accommodations can be made. Requests are confidential. C:\WP51\Agendas\February2011.doc Polk County Land Conservation Committee
Dean Johansen, Chair Herschel Brown, Vice Chair Wendy Rattel, Secretary Larry Jepsen Ted Johnson, FSA Rep.
Polk County Land Conservation Committee
The Land Conservation Committee met February 9, 2011 in the County Board Room. Supervisors Present: Dean Johansen, Larry Jepsen, Herschel Brown, Wendy Rattel and Ted Johnson, Dana Frey, County Administrator, Malia Malone, Assistant Corp. Counsel
9:34 a.m. Chairman Johansen called the meeting to order. Motion (Jepsen/Johansen to approve the
Agenda. Motion (Rattel/Brown) to approve the January minutes. Both motions carried.

Public Comment. Randy Freer commented that he doesn’t like the DNR procedures on bear damage
abatement for the Wildlife Damage Program.
Ed Dittbrenner also talked about the bear, deer and turkey damage abatement procedures. Discussed
shooting permits for deer.
Mathy Construction Company NMM Reclamation Permit Malia Malone, Assistant Corp. Counsel gave
an update on the ruling from the Appeals Court. The reclamation permit stands.
Wildlife Damage.
Cindy Blonk handed out a summary sheet for the 2010 Wildlife Damage claimants.
Motion (Brown/Johnson) to approve the 2010 Wildlife Damage claims with David Dittbrenner’s
claim if processed through Cindy Blonk (appraisals are discussed). Motion carried. Discusssion
regarding DNR abatement policy. Cindy will draft a recommendation for approval at next LCC
Resolution – WI DNR Rapid Response Grant for Japanese Knotweed
Motion (Jepsen/Rattel) to
approve the above resolution and move it forward to the County Board. Motion carried.
Conservation St. Croix Memorandum of Understanding
Motion (Jepsen/Johansen) to approve the
MOU between Wisconsin counties in the St. Croix River watershed. Motion carried.
Voucher Review.
Motion (Jepsen/Johansen) to approve the voucher report for February 2011.
Motion carried.
Agency Reports
Michele Carlisle, DNR Wildlife Biologist, stated the DNR will be doing a follow-up
scientific study to the tetracycline bear population study that was done in 2006. Will be taking place in
April-May of this year in the county.
Keith Zygowic, NRCS, stated the sign-ups were well attended. EQIP had the 2nd highest signup in Polk
County. The applications are going through the ranking phase now and will know later if they get funded.
CRP sign-up will be March 14th thru April 15th. Status reviews for people in USDA programs are being

Policy 10 – Duties and Responsibilities of Gorverning Committees.
Tim handed out copies of the
LCC Duty Roster, roles and responsibilities as well as Chapter 92 statutes to the committee. The
committee will review it at the March LCC Meeting.

Director’s Report.
Jeremy and Tim met w/ DNR staff to add what they feel is missing from the Ward Lake and Wild Goose Lake final reports. We have until March 1 to make updates to the reports. Pending approval by the LCC at the next meeting
Eric has sent in the next Japanese Knotweed rapid response grant application. Eric has been meeting with farmers in the Farmland Preservation Program to review their soil conservation and nutrient management plans. Farmland Preservation Program county planning process is underway. We can get a grant for up to $30,000 in a 50/50 grant paid by DATCP. Eric Wojchik and Tim Anderson prepared and submitted the grant application. County Farmland Preservation Plan is required to be completed by the end of 2012. Tree sales are going well. Several species are sold out already. LWRD/FSA/NRCS/DNR/UWEX Newsletter was printed and mailed in January to about 4,400 addresses. West Central Wisconsin Land & Water Conservation Association area meeting will be held Thursday February 17 in Menomonie at the Dunn County Agriculture Center. A guest speaker, Tom Stolp from the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters, will be discussing the conservation priorities for 2011-2012. Tim is on vacation February 11 through March 4.
Committee Observances Update LWRD phone distribution list.
Motion to adjourn (Johnson/Brown). Motion carried. The meeting adjourned at 11:09 a.m.
Pending approval by the LCC at the next meeting


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