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PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Mite infestations of pets, structures and
subsequently a human host have increased dramatically in the last few years.
What was once viewed as a phenomenon now appears to be a everyday
occurrence. The application of PET MEDS or commonly known Flea or Spot
Drops to the neck of your pet often result in a internal skin parasite issue in your
pet and yourself. Fiprinol, Permethrins and other toxins wicked systemically into
the animals blood stream result in the creation of a compromised immune system
prohibiting the pets body from resisting attack from these wicked internal
parasites. Once identified as a host, the mites will attack the dog or
cat with overwhelming vigor. Additional mite populations are propagated and in a
short period of time the animal and the structure is the recipient of a full blown
mite infestation. The COLUMBELLA MITE is a microscopic parasite found in the
air and on all surfaces. They are introduced to the body through the lungs and
subsequently into the blood stream where they are destroyed by the liver as the
blood is filtered through the bodies organs. When the pets immune system is
compromised with the PET MEDS its filtering organs cease to function properly
and subsequently the blood carried mite will migrate into the epidermal layer of the
skin through the blood stream capillaries. When the animal can no longer support
the mite population it is hosting, the parasite will adopt another host within the
structure. This is normally the care giver or the closest person to the animal. Often
this is a chemically imbalanced or less healthy individual that may itself have a
over-reactive or compromised immune system. Once infested with the parasite a
persons normal life style is totally disrupted. Constant biting and itching sensations
and subsequent eruptions of the skin become debilitating and difficult to endure.
The mites will attack the individual from the inside and the outside. Visual contact
is next to impossible and medical diagnosis from the majority of the medical
community is wrongfully that of parasitic psychosis. Treatment requires fogging or
fumigation of the structure and applications of BEST YET MITICIDE, a low
molecular weight silicone fluid carrier and modified essential oil of the juniperus
virginiana tree (cedar) to the human and animals body. Internal relief can be
obtained with properly dosed regiments of Stromectol, a prescription drug used for
eradication of internal parasites. Reduction of the mite population within the
structure and surrounding areas and on the human and animals body surface is
the first step in elimination of this horrible dilemma. Once this is accomplished and
the intake of the parasite is minimized, the mammals body will resume its
normal eradication of the COLUMBELLA mite. PET MEDS should be
immediately discontinued from any animal health protocols practiced. Immune
system elevating foods and vitamins should be utilized.
to review the TRI-JET fogger machine and BEST YET fluid necessary for
eradication of Columbella, Snoflee, Rodent and Bird Mites from human, animal
life and structures.



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