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17 May 2011
FOIA reference: F0001155
I am writing in respect of your recent application of 10 May 2011, for the release of
information held by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).
Your request:
“I request the following information in writing.
The number of Pilots who have lost their license due to Diabetes in the UK, due to Insulin
dependent Type 1, Insulin controlled Type 2 or any Type 2 not controlled by Drugs
regulated by CAA, such as sulphanureas etc”.

Our response:
In assessing your request in line with the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act
2000, we are pleased to be able to provide the information below.

Data from UK CAA held aviation medical records was collated on 16/05/2011 for the 10
year period 2001 to 2010.
Number of UK CAA Class 1 licence holders who were assessed as long term unfit with a
primary cause of diabetes mellitus 2001-2010

Type 1
This data represents all certificate holders who were assessed as long term unfit during this period. It does not include certificate holders or applicants who were assessed as temporarily unfit whilst being stabilised on medication or for any other reason, referred for assessment, did not revalidate or renew their certificates or did not submit reports for assessment. It may not include applicants or certificate holders who were assessed as long term unfit for a complication of diabetes as this may have been classified under the affected system. Civil Aviation Authority
Aviation House GW Gatwick Airport South Crawley West Sussex England RH6 0YR Telephone 01293 768512 [email protected] If you are not satisfied with how we have dealt with your request in the first instance you should approach the CAA in writing at:- Mark Stevens External Response Manager Civil Aviation Authority Aviation House Gatwick Airport South West Sussex RH6 0YR The CAA has a formal internal review process for dealing with appeals or complaints in connection with Freedom of Information requests. The key steps in this process are set in the attachment. Should you remain dissatisfied with the outcome you have a right under Section 50 of the Freedom of Information Act to appeal against the decision by contacting the Information Commissioner at:- Information Commissioner’s Office FOI/EIR Complaints Resolution Wycliffe House Water Lane Wilmslow Cheshire SK9 5AF Should you wish to make further Freedom of Information requests, please use the e-form at Yours sincerely Rick Chatfield FoIA & EIR Case Manager

The original case to which the appeal or complaint relates is identified and the case The appeal or complaint is allocated to an Appeal Manager, the appeal is acknowledged and the details of the Appeal Manager are provided to the applicant; The Appeal Manager reviews the case to understand the nature of the appeal or complaint, reviews the actions and decisions taken in connection with the original case and takes account of any new information that may have been received. This will typically require contact with those persons involved in the original case and consultation with the CAA Legal Department; The Appeal Manager concludes the review and, after consultation with those involved with the case, and with the CAA Legal Department, agrees on the course of action to The Appeal Manager prepares the necessary response and collates any information The response and any necessary information is sent to the applicant, together with information about further rights of appeal to the Information Commissioners Office,

Source: http://www.caa.co.uk/docs/1357/F0001155ReplyLetter.pdf

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