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Children under 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian …………………………………………………………… …………………………………………………………… ………………………………………………….………. Moderate chronic asthma with severe episodes About Buteyko Asthma Education USA and Buteyko New …………………………………………………………… Telephone ……………………………………………………………
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The true stories in this booklet are about people who have overcome their asthma and other breathing-related problems by using the Buteyko MASTERCARD VISA AM. E XPRESS (POST-DATED )
technique. They were taught in New Zealand or in the US by Jennifer or Russell Stark, tutors for Buteyko New Zealand Ltd. or by Susan Neves, tutor and owner of Buteyko Asthma Education Co. USA,. To secure a place in the course, I enclose a deposit of $…………. Too amazing?
I understand that providing I try the Buteyko Method for the first 4 days of the course, I am entitled to receive a refund of any money I have paid “I was a skeptic of the method but can honestly say it has virtually made my life within 30 days of the first day of the course. asthma-free. I went to the Doctor last October just for a check-up and thought that I had better get another puffer for relief (Ventolin). A year later I still haven’t picked it up from the chemist!!!” Jill Payne. Hastings Signature: …………………………………………………….
“I went along to the Buteyko course (my husband insisted) thinking it would be just ………………………….
another ‘quack scheme’ to cure asthma. I couldn’t believe it when after 2 nights, I did not have to use my Ventolin at all. I just got better and better. Now I can do a lot of things without using my puffer. It’s a miracle.” Buteyko Courses Coming Up In the USA
Who does Buteyko help?
The Buteyko Method is currently used successfully in Russia, New Zealand, Australia, Great Britain and other countries for the treatment of asthma, allergies, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, hyperventilation syndrome, panic or anxiety attacks, bronchiectasis and for the relief of chronic sinus and hayfever. Why Does Buteyko Work?
Primarily we breathe to meet the needs of metabolism—to provide the body with sufficient oxygen and to remove excess carbon dioxide. When you exercise you need more oxygen and your body produces more carbon dioxide than when you rest. If you breathe heavily, deeply or quickly when you are resting, this is called hyperventilation because your metabolic needs are less at this time. Buteyko calls it “hidden hyperventilation” because no one around you is aware that you are doing it—not even you! What Does It Cost?
Studies show repeatedly that all asthmatics breathe considerably more than is regarded as normal. This chronic over-breathing or hyperventilation results in irritation, inflammation and constriction of the airways. Maybe you have noticed that the more you breathe, the more breathless you feel? Conventional asthma treatments attempt to control the symptoms. The Buteyko Method addresses the root of the problem by restoring normal breathing patters, When you use the Butyeko Method, you have less symptoms and so require less medication. Payment for the course can be paid off from as little as $25.00 per month
interest free.
I Don't Think That I Hyperventilate
The following symptoms are commonly connected to hyperventilation: How Apart from a deposit to hold a place in the course, no further payments are made until you have tried the method for 4 days. Respiratory system: Shortness of breath, tightness in chest, over
In addition, the course fee entitles you to attend any Buteyko Course at any time sensitivity of airways, excessive sneezing, production of mucus, long should you decide you want a refresher. You also have access to a 24 hour term blocked or running sinus, excessive yawning and sighing. Nervous system: Light-headedness, dizziness, unsteadiness, poor
concentration, numbness, tingling and coldness especially in the
hands and fingers and often in the face. In severe cases, loss of
memory or loss of consciousness.
The Buteyko method comes with a money back guarantee if the
Heart: Irregular, pounding or racing heart beat
mehod does not help you. If you are not satisfied, contact me
Psychological: Degrees of anxiety, tension and apprehension.
within 30 days of starting the course and providing you have
General: Mouth dryness, abdominal bloating, belching, flatulence,
attended 4 days of the 4 day course, all the money you have paid
easily tired, poor sleep patterns, general weakness and chronic will be refunded.
How Do I Enroll?
Our First Priority is Your Safety!
Buteyko is not about throwing away your drugs. It does not involve Complete the Initial Registration Form on the following
physiotherapy or diaphragm breathing exercises, meditation, religion, hypnotherapy, rebirthing, vitamins, special diets, power of positive thinking or equipment. There is no physical contact with the instructor or anyone Doctors Look At Buteyko
Books on Buteyko
With any new treatment, the medical profession makes slow and cautious changes and in There are two books available about Buteyko. Neither of them teach you general most doctors have taken this approach to Buteyko. However, the Brisbane trial results how to practice the method but they give you good background on the and the recovery of their own patients are bringing more doctors along to see Buteyko courses for themselves. We have special information packs for health professionals and your doctor
“Every Breath You Take” is written by Dr. Paul Ameisen. Paul was the
first Australian doctor to notice and support Buteyko. “I have been a medical practitioner for twenty-one years and in that time I In November 1994 a medical trial sponsored by the Australian Association of Asthma
have treated thousands of asthma patients. Like every conscientious Foundations was started at the Mater Hospital, Brisbane Australia. The results of this trial
medical doctor I have kept up-to date with the latest research, and with were published in the December 1998 issue of the Medical Journal of Australia and the
advances in techniques and medication, in order to help my patient to the British Lancet. They showed that after 3 months of following the Buteyko program the
asthmatic participants had reduced their reliever medication by an average of 96% and also
reduced their steroid preventers by an average of 49%.
“Freedom From Asthma” is written by Buteyko Practitioner Alexander
(Sasha) Stalmatski. Sasha worked with Professor Buteyko in Russia for
Buteyko is not a cure for asthma, but it does address the cause. At the beginning of the fourteen years and brought the Buteyko method to Australia. Brisbane trial it was shown that those breathing the most air each minute were also using the most medication. At ht end, the people who had reduced their breathing the most were the Anyone weighing up the pro’s and con’s of learning Buteyko for their own same people who had reduced the most medication. health will find either book a valuable tool. You can buy either or both The control group who were practicing physiotherapy breathing exercises which did not books through our office for $15.00 each plus shipping and handling by sending your check and the order form below. reduce breathing volume, saw virtually no change to their medication usage.

"Over the last two years I have examined many patients before and after the
course and found the improvement to be repeatable to the degree that patients Name: .…………….
in over 90% of cases can stop chemical treatment, or reduce it to less than half of that previously required. I attended the tutorials and found the approach, tuition and the method to be responsible and safe. As a Medical Doctor and Phone Number: .………….….
Naturopath, I am impressed and surprised at the effectiveness and safety of Address: .………….….
"I have experienced the Buteyko breathing technique both personally and professionally .………….…
and found it to be a very effective treatment for asthma. I experienced substantial relief and improvement for my lifelong asthma and rhinitis within 3 days of starting my treatment seminar and the results have proved to be long -lasting. I was so impressed that I have now trained as a Buteyko practitioner." copies of ‘Every Breath You Take” at $15.00 each
"Professor Buteyko's principles are entirely consistent with the physiological copies of “Freedom From Asthma” at $15.00 each
facts established by medical research 120 years ago. The Buteyko system makes use of the person's own resources and trains them in taking responsibility for their own health. They become less dependent on outside Shipping and handling 1 book
agencies such as hospitals, doctors and physiotherapists, thereby reducing the “I think the Government should be paying for all asthmatics to attend these courses to cut down the medical costs for the country. Maybe then they wouldn’t have to close so many $_______
hospitals.” Denise Cleghorn. Rai Valley. 10/4/97.
“At last my daughter is alive and enjoying life to the max.” Denise Cleghorn. 3/14/98.
"I think the course was great." Rosemary Flanagan. Nelson. 5/11/96.
Medical trial results show that use of bronchodilator medication
"The Buteyko method is the best. It has helped me to control my asthma. I look forward to an NUMBER__________________________________________________________________date____________ over the long term or in heavy doses does not help the asthmatic
asthma-free future without drugs." Rosemary Flanagan. 2/4/97.
Checks payable to “Buteyko Asthma Education ”
condition and may make it worse!
Mail to: 2507 Brewster Road Indianapolis IN 46268
Jenny; 30 year old panic attack sufferer, with mild asthma
What will Buteyko do for me?
Buteyko is about self-care. It enables you to take an active role in managing Jenny is the busy mother of young children, and life is full enough for her your condition. Buteyko has no negative side-effects and it does not require without having the worry of panic attacks and claustrophobia. For more than ever-increasing doses of medication to stay in control. It removes almost 15 years her life was sporadically troubled with bouts of feeling very entirely the symptoms of asthma and you to take charge of your life. uncomfortable and fearful in places such as supermarkets, banks or waiting "On bad occasions I would feel tingling in my arms and my hands would turn cold. My heart raced and my breathing would go out of control," she You are able to participate in activities of your choice
comments. "I would feel I was going to faint, although this only happened to “I can now enjoy more situations—a night out, for example, than I me once. I believed it was something I had to learn to handle myself, but I would have in the past.” Paul Willoughby

• You miss much less work or school because of asthma symptoms
She didn't allow this to stop her from doing many of the things she wanted “We are grateful for Buteyko for seeing the quality of life improve so to, although on a couple of occasions she decided not to go out to dinner at much for Claire. To see her enjoying schoolwork and free of the a restaurant because she didn't feel able to cope with the 'closed in' feeling. tiredness and stress generated by asthma is wonderful.” Catherine
There were periods when the attacks were particularly bad, which Jenny Sandbrook
associates with stress at work, when lots of demands were placed on her. • You are free of symptoms day and night—you sleep through the
"I was taking a preventive drug regularly for asthma, and would use Ventolin when necessary. But I didn't discuss the panic attacks with my doctor as I “The improvement to my sleep through the knowledge that I gained at was afraid that I may be given something like Valium. I have read of people my Buteyko course was incredible. I now sleep as I haven’t done in in the past who were suffering from panic attacks being told they had years. It was worth every penny!” Paula Sargent psychiatric disorders - that really scared me. I had no idea it was so • You need emergency visits or hospitalization for asthma a lot less
common, or that it would be helped so easily by breath retraining." “It has been wonderful for me. I have only had one cold in the last year In 1996 Jenny had a dentist's appointment, and had her worst panic attack and it didn’t even go to my chest. Before Buteyko I seemed to be ill while in his waiting room. She passed out, and after that decided that she most of the time. I had been to the hospital twice in the weeks before needed help to overcome the problem. A friend told her about the Buteyko starting the course and not since.” Yvonne Benson technique, which was being taught in her city that week. Jenny enrolled in
You reduce the need for asthma medications
“Since completing the course in September, 1996 I have never needed "After the second day's session, I no longer needed to take my reliever to use my ventolin—not even once.” William Henderson (11/4/98) medication regularly for asthma", she remembers. "I practiced the exercises • You can enjoy sports and working out more
and had an eight-month period without needing any reliever or preventer for it, and then I had a brief 4-day allergy attack when I needed some “When Benjamin completed the Buteyko course may people medication. After that, I needed nothing." But it was the breathing education commented on the tremendous improvement in his rugby. We had that has really made the difference to Jenny's panic attacks, which were the thought that he was a bit frightened of the action and hung back but reason she had decided to go to the course. "It is so much easier when you after Buteyko there was no holding him. We realize now that he had no understand the physiology of over-breathing, " she says. "When you can see breath and energy to keep up.” Alison Gibb what is happening in a panic attack, half the battle is won." Practicing the exercises has meant that Jenny is able to go to all the places that previously You are empowered to control your life
would have made her feel claustrophobic, without any problems. Her “The Buteyko method has been excellent for me because I have lost feelings of panic no longer occur nearly as frequently. the fear of having an asthma attack as I am able to control my "Any attack I now have is on a much reduced scale. I can control them - I am very aware of what causes them and I have this wonderful feeling of You save money
empowerment. I control the feeling - and know that I can overcome it." “My husband remarked the other day that I had not bought any medication for asthma this year.” Jennifer Keenan (10/31/98) Tim; 9 year old mild asthmatic
Don; 66 year-old with bronchomalacia
Tim was first diagnosed as asthmatic when he was a 4 year-old with a Don had always been an active, healthy person. In his 40’s he began to persistent cough that kept him awake at night whenever he caught a cold. experience breathlessness when he physically exerted himself. He first thought His mother Claire gave him the prescribed Ventolin syrup but was he had heart problems and went to a cardiologist. After running tests, the concerned when it seemed to make him hyperactive. Over the next few cardiologists decided his heart was healthy and sent him to the respiratory years Tim's asthma was a problem more frequently, and although he led a specialist. After another battery of tests, they determined he didn’t have cancer normal life he seemed to his mother to lack energy at times. or emphysema and diagnosed a condition called bronchomalacia—a condition where the airways collapse on exhalation. His doctor prescribed ventolin—3 When Tim was 8 his doctor suggested he take the non-steroid preventive puffs, 4 times a day. He felt they were not doing anything, so he stopped taking Intal, but after using this for several weeks there seemed to be no them. On his return visit, 6 months later, his doctor raised the roof. So back on improvement to his occasional wheezing and breathlessness. ventolin he went. It got to the point where he couldn’t do without them, and the doses were increased. Don’s condition began to worsen. Now Don found he Claire became increasingly protective of her son's condition, not allowing couldn’t get rid of mucus and his ability to be active decreased further. His doctor him to go to school camps in case he had an asthma attack while away prescribed nebulisers, 4 times a day. In addition, he was taking serevent, 2 puffs, from home, and making sure he came inside before the evening became twice a day and azmacort, 2 puffs, twice a day. too cold. "I was trying to prevent him from having asthma and I'm sure he His condition had now worsened to the point it took him 3 hours to get dressed and was heartily sick of my concern," she says. get to his (home) desk in the morning. He had chronic bronchitis. Then one January morning in 1998, about 4 am, he awoke, unable to breathe. His wife called 911 and he was rushed to the hospital where he was given 6 nebulisers and steroids. The Claire had heard of the side-effects of steroid medication so when her doctors took x-rays and ran tests. In the 4 days he was in the hospital, they doctor wanted to prescribe an inhaled steroid preventive for Tim, she determined, with a broncoscopy, that his mucus had rubberized and plugged up his wasn’t happy. Claire believed she would have no alternative until she saw airways. They removed the mucus and after that, he began feeling a little better. At this point, though, he could hardly walk across a room without feeling breathless. "When I was told the cost of the course it nearly put me off enrolling Tim, it He continued to take his nebulizers, serevent , azmacort and prednisone. He had seemed so expensive," Claire remembers. "But then I had already spent in now become prednisone dependent. Late in 1998, he heard about Buteyko, excess of that cost on other things that hadn't given him any lasting attended a seminar at Georgetown market and decided to go for it. After the first benefits. Also Buteyko had a 100% money-back guarantee which class, he stopped taking nebulizers and hasn’t taken any again. Today Don is active impressed me - no one would offer that if they didn't really believe their and , as he says, ‘does pretty much what I want’. At his doctor’s insistence, he has treatment worked, and no doctor or other health professional I had come continued to take serevent, but has recently begun focusing on eliminating that too in the hope he will be able to get completely off prednisone. .As of this writing, Don Tim's improvement was obvious in the first couple of days of the course. "Tim's health that winter was so good I almost forgot that asthma had been while it contradicted almost everything she thought she knew about 'good' breathing, a problem to him," She remembers. "He could get up early on frosty it made sense to her. She decided to attend the workshop. mornings and play hockey and even though we would take his inhaler in Butyeko has made a significant difference since then. Her very frightening, very case of emergencies, I no longer even thought about it. Whereas before frequent nocturnal asthma attacks haven't been a part of her life since she took the when we went out I would be concerned it we had forgotten to bring his course. On the rare occasions she feels her tightness starting, she fends it off - Ventolin, now I felt confident that if he did run into problems, we could mostly with Buteyko. On the increasingly rare occasions she uses her reliever, it is with 1 puff instead of 2, and relief is almost immediate. She contrasts this with her pre-Buteyko days when she would use her inhaler at least 4x daily, 2 puffs each time and still not getting relief at times. She especially appreciates the difference as her Tim’s asthma can still be a problem if he comes down with a virus. But the cost-savings climb and her ability to live a life without medication improves. Even the amount of medication he needs is minimal—he doesn’t need preventives flu she contracted in December did not complicate her asthma. and he might use 2-3 doses of Ventolin in total at these times. There have Ladi takes only 2/3 of the Theophylline dose she was taking when she started the been two occasions when I took him to the doctor for a chest infection, but course in early November 1999. As her symptoms and health improve, "My doctor he had no sign of asthma, to our doctor’s amazement. He now supports and I plan to cut it again by 1/2 in March, then completely by June". At that time she our use of Buteyko. I would have paid much more than the cost of the course to get where we are today with his asthma—I really recommend any parents enroll their asthmatic children. They won’t regret it!” Felicity; 6 year old chronic, very severe asthmatic
Karen; 41 year-old moderate asthmatic
After some problems with wheezing at 12 months old, Felicity spent two As a physiotherapist Karen knew all about exercises for asthma relief; she days in hospital with a serious asthma attack, and this was repeated a had taught them for years. Yet there seemed little she could do to help month later. Her worried parents Mark and Mandee were shown how to herself overcome the asthma that had plagued her since the age of three. give her medication four times a day by nebuliser as she was too young to In her late teens and early twenties Karen seemed exceptionally sensitive to everyday substances that would trigger her asthma; cigarette smoke, When not quite two Felicity had another attack, and again ended up in the alcohol, animal fur, dust. She would never allow her condition to get in hospital. It was at that time that Duovent was withdrawn from the market her way but was relying on increasing amounts of Ventolin to give relief because it was thought to increase asthma deaths. Ventolin was prescribed from it; she would have to take several puffs morning and night to be able for her to use frequently to relieve her constant wheezing. to live a normal life. As she got older the asthma became worse. By Felicity's sixth birthday, her condition had been brought under control Karen emigrated to New Zealand from her home in England. She saw an with a steady regime of drugs. She was taking the preventive steroid advertisement in the paper for a Buteyko course and decided to try it. She Pulmicort daily, and to counteract the frequent attacks she was often given really pleased with the results. Karen's husband has also noticed her courses of Prednisone and Betnosol. The reliever Ventolin no longer improvement and believes it is the Buteyko method that has helped her. seemed to be effective and was replaced with a Bricanyl turbohaler. Felicity now had the typical moon face of a steroid user. "If I do ten minutes of the Buteyko exercises each day, I don't need any Ventolin," she says. "If I do take it, I feel a noticeable difference straight Mandee's mother had her local church pray for Felicity just before she saw away; my heart-rate increases, and I feel slightly dizzy, and unsteady. I an advertisement in the local paper for the first Buteyko course to be held in seem to have become extremely sensitive to its effects. The Buteyko was New Zealand. Believing it was an answer to her prayers she persuaded very worthwhile - you cannot put a price on your health. All the other Mandee to ring Buteyko. Although Mandee was skeptical, she was also breathing exercises that I had learned and taught for years previously - desperate for help and enrolled Felicity in the course. Her doubts began to diaphragmatic and deep breathing - now seem a complete waste of time." evaporate as she watched her daughter's condition improve, slowly at first, and then in leaps and bounds over the next seven days. "I wish more people were able to learn it, because as a professional I know how much help it provides in controlling asthma with the minimum "It really was like a miracle," she says. "The exercises were simple and Felicity was really excited by it because she could feel the difference it made to her. INDIANAPOLIS
Mandee's family doctor was supportive of their trying the new technique. “This technique has turned my life around. I have been set free of "He knew that I took a responsible attitude with Felicity's medication and symptoms and fear. It is with me wherever I am.” felt we had nothing to lose," Mandee recalls. "He suggested we give it a go, and if it worked, well and good." But the enormous improvement in Felicity's health far exceeded everybody's expectations. "The constant night coughing stopped and for the first time in her life, Felicity was able to sleep right through. What a “People often tell me that they think Buteyko is expensive. I visited my relief that was - for everyone! She was so much happier in herself, and doctor every three weeks and my specialist every three months for years. gradually we saw her energy levels rise." Within a few months she was off My medication bill was huge. I haven’t been to a doctor or a pharmacist all her medication completely. "I just cannot emphasize enough how much for my asthma for four years.” Russell Storey. Auckland. 7/14/98 she improved, " Mandee says with obvious emotion. "It was like having a different person in the house - a new child. I wanted to go and scream it out from the roof-tops." INDIANAPOLIS
“This is the first time in 23 years I‘ve seen and experienced results so quickly. It‘s refreshing That was 6 years ago. Felicity is now a normal, healthy, bright child. "I to walk away with hope and not another inhaler!” Mary Kerman. Indianapolis. 11/11/98 agreed to this interview hoping that someone reading it might be encouraged to take their sick child to one of these courses. If one other child could be helped by it, it would be worth it. I want all those other parents out there to try it - you have nothing to lose." Con; professional rugby player and chronic asthmatic
Joan; 61 year old chronic, severe asthmatic
Con Barrell is well-known as a rugby player for the Canterbury Crusaders, After 20 years of asthma, Joan wants to tell everyone how Buteyko but what many rugby fans may not realize is that Con is also a chronic "Most summers were spent in misery. I would long for the change of season, so I could feel better. In the summer I would need nebulisers 3-4 "I would train hard and be rearing to go to the next big game for the times a week and felt I couldn't do anything, which was no good with us Canterbury Crusaders, only to be knocked back by asthma after catching a living on a farm. "I had read about the Buteyko method and saw it on slight cold", he says. "It was heart-breaking. My family and friends would 'The Holmes Show" some years ago. I wished then I could learn it and ask, 'why are you doing this to yourself'? because I had to take so much later I was finally able to enroll in a course near me. medication to get through a game. It worried me as well, and I seriously "It was the best money I have ever spent. I had instant good results. I thought of giving the whole thing away." was able to cut out the nebulisers and no longer needed all the reliever I had been taking. I still take preventive medication, but have reduced that His rugby success is a tribute to his outstanding dedication and drive. He's by half. I usually do the exercises once a day, and asthma is no longer a overcome a condition that would prevent many from even considering a problem. I can walk over the hills on my property which was out of the sporting career. Suffering from it as long as he can remember, he was determined that it shouldn't stop him from doing what he loved. "When I talk to people about it, one of the first questions they usually ask is, 'How much does it cost?" Then they say, "Oh, that's a lot.' "I say, hold "In my late teens the rugby became serious, and I had to take preventers to on. How much do you pay in doctor's fees and prescription charges for be able to continue. Asthma made a huge impact on my overall your asthma over a year? Or how much does a year's subscription to the performance; it could set me back without any warning, and I would miss golf club cost? Then they have to agree that a life-time Buteyko fee is not games for which I had been training successfully. I was an inconsistent really expensive. I paid for my course over a six month period, as I don't have a large income. Paying that way was no trouble, and it was well Con's big break from asthma came a matter of days before he was due to play in Orange Free State with the Crusaders in May 1997. His mother-in-law had heard about Buteyko and persuaded Con's wife to ask for further information. Eric; 78 year-old with emphysema
"I contacted tutor Russell Stark and told him I was due to leave the country When Eric was told by his doctor that he had only 30% of his lung in four days; could he do anything to help? He was in Christchurch at the capacity left, he was determined to help himself live his life to the fullest. time and he gave me the best asthma education course I have ever had. I The drugs he was taking stabilized his condition but would never learned more about the condition and how medication works in the first improve it; Eric decided he would try some alternative treatments. half-hour than I had found out in the rest of my life. When I first read about the technique it seemed strange, a bit unbelievable. But during Russell's He found acupuncture to give some temporary relief to his feelings of breathlessness and tiredness, but they were not long lasting effects. The acupuncturist told him about the Buteyko method, and Eric decided Con was able to master the technique well enough to make an enormous difference to his game in South Africa. It was usual for him to take 20-30 puffs of Ventolin during play; he carried a puffer tucked inside his sock. He "When I first attended the course, I found I scored really low in the had been known to empty one in a game. This time however, he used exercises ," he remembers. "But I am a very stubborn chap, and soon I Ventolin once, and felt incredibly well even though he was playing at high was able to reach very high scores indeed. The tutor Russell told me I altitude opposite the formidable South African Os du Randt. He was was working myself too hard!" Eric's' determination paid off, because delighted to be able to play a whole game rather then come off the field at after three months of using the Buteyko method his lung capacity had half-time, and to avoid inconvenient stops while he took his medication. actually improved, which is uncommon for sufferers of emphysema. “I still take a preventer regularly but simply do not need so much reliever. I "There is no question that it helped," Eric comments. "After three or four have not had Prednisone since learning Buteyko. I sleep better, my pulse- weeks I clearly noticed an improvement - quite a big difference. I felt I rate has dropped 10-12 beats on a regular basis, and I feel well. This has had extra lung-power; I started walking again and soon I was able to been a big help to me, as a professional and personally. I recommend walk up to five kilometers in under an hour. That may not seem very fast, asthmatics try it - things can only get better." but compared to how I felt previous to learning Buteyko, I think its wonderful. The method did me a world of good." Who is Buteyko Asthma Education USA?
Peter; 45 year old hay-fever and sinusitis sufferer

Hayfever had been a problem for Peter since he had been a teenager, Buteyko Asthma Education Company USA was formed in 1998 under the and he mouth-breathed because of his blocked nose. During spring and guidance of Buteyko New Zealand. Susan Neves, who was trained by Russell early summer, Peter suffered from streaming, swollen eyes, sneezing fits Stark of Buteyko New Zealand is dedicated to bringing Buteyko to the USA and that could last for minutes at a time and a constantly blocked nose. Some to providing the same level of results and support Russell and Jennifer have years were worse than others; when it was bad he had to have time off from work. He tried many brands of antihistamine medication, but those that did work made him drowsy and he would have to take time off Who are Buteyko New Zealand?
Russell Stark and his wife Jennifer have been teaching the Buteyko Method He enrolled in a course out of desperation and started to learn the method throughout New Zealand for 6 years. In that time over 5000 people have in the height of the hayfever season. Because the inflammation process attended their courses to help their asthma, chronic sinusitis, hayfever, was already under way at that stage, Peter struggled to get the condition emphysema, bronchiectasis, chronic bronchitis, sleep apnea, panic attacks and under control. With perseverance he found that the condition improved, and he didn't have to resort to using medication Russell and their son Robert, both chronic asthmatics, have strong memories of The sinusitis virtually disappeared; there were lots fewer handkerchiefs to hours spent at the Royal Brisbane Children’s Hospital. As an adult Russell’s wash! Peter's voice became less nasal, and his sense of smell improved. asthma continued to deteriorate. Constantly using asthma medication, yet still One of the best results from the Buteyko course Peter feels was that it not leading a normal life was not appealing to the Starks. After hearing about Buteyko on a Current Affairs program, Russell and Robert enrolled in the first "This method was not easy for me at first, but the long-term results have Buteyko course held in Brisbane. They went from being heavily dependent on proved really useful," I sometimes still have some trouble with the hay- asthma medication and suffering severe allergies to being fit, healthy, and drug- fever season, but I now feel better equipped to help myself through it, and more confident about applying the Buteyko techniques before it becomes too bad. Knowing what to do before the hayfever starts will be a great Shortly after that course, Russell and Jennifer began their training as tutors of help. For the rest of the year Buteyko has made a very significant Buteyko. They first taught in Brisbane before bringing the method to New difference to my health—having a good night’s sleep is wonderful." Zealand where there is the highest incidence of asthma in the world. From their extensive experience in teaching Buteyko, the Starks developed a Madeline 21 year-old with chronic asthma and hayfever.

user-friendly way of learning the Buteyko method without the need for lengthy “I used Ventolin at least 5 times a day before I attended a Buteyko practice sessions, restricted diets or added mineral supplements. The combine course 2 years ago. My hayfever and allergies made life hell. I haven’t the method with the most up-to-date asthma education available. used Ventolin on a regular basis since about one month after the course. My energy, motivation and self-esteem have improved. Buteyko enabled. Because doctor-patient relationships are not threatened and people are me to exercise and so I lost weight and got fitter and healthier. I have encouraged to use as much medication as they need, their program has received 98% less hayfever and my skin is healthier—I have less eczema. little resistance by medical practitioners. “Buteyko gave me control over my asthma and greatly increased my The Buteyko Institute of Breathing and Health (BIBH), which is the largest group awareness and information about the cause of asthma rather than of Buteyko teachers in the world, has adopted the Stark’s program has recently emphasizing the symptoms. It has allowed me to control my condition in adopted the Stark’s program and teaching method has the standard for their a way that symptom-focused prescription medication never has. My quality of life has doubled, even trebled compared to what it was 2 years ago, before I learned the techniques. I recommend the Buteyko method Robert has become involved in building and upgrading their Internet website as like I’d recommend eating, sleeping and drinking water. I was resigned to well as monitoring a percentage of the large email correspondence from being a slave to asthma and hayfever for the rest of my life—now I know BUTEYKO gives YOU the CHOICE -
Start living without asthma—enroll in a Buteyko course!
Will Buteyko Help Your Asthma?
Sandra; 43 year old chronic, severe asthmatic with bronchiectasis
Answer YES, NO or SOMETIMES to the following questions: Three years ago Sandra was desperate to find a way of relieving her serious asthma, and bronchiectasis. She also wanted to cut down on the large amounts of steroid medication that had been necessary for years to keep her condition stable. She tried various alternative health "I was looking for anything that would make some difference", she says of that time. "I had no energy - even hanging out the washing was exhausting and lifting up my arms to do my hair was an effort". She felt worn out walking up steps, and life itself seemed like hard work. 6. Do you already suffer from these side Sandra also had trouble sleeping at night, and was unable to relax with her heart racing. She was constantly thirsty, and her limbs were often numb - feelings that she believes were side-effects from the heavy doses of medication. She was unhappy and didn't feel 'herself'. 8. Do you take asthma medication yet still But these are now problems of the past. After seeing a newspaper advertisement, she attended a Buteyko course and learned the control techniques that changed her whole approach to the asthma that had "Within a week of learning the Buteyko method, my energy levels increased and I just felt so much better", she says. She followed the program conscientiously and soon found her asthma symptoms were disappearing. She was able to tackle the daily chores with new vitality, • If you answered “YES” to 5 or more questions then your
and friends and family commented on the change in her health. Soon condition needs addressing. Learning and using the Buteyko Sandra was able to cut down on her medication and now controls her method will make an enormous positive change in your life. asthma with a minimum amount, with her specialist's approval. • If you answered “YES” to 3 or 4 questions then learning and
"Vacuuming, gardening, walking - I can do it all now as a normal part of using the Buteyko method will greatly improve your health. daily living without having aching muscles," she comments. "My hayfever has greatly improved and I feel so much more positive. The changes came after the Buteyko course; it seems hard to believe that If you answered “YES” to 2 or fewer questions, your asthma or
something so simple could make such a difference to me. Once the breathing disorder is well controlled or mild. Buteyko will enable theory behind the exercises were explained to me, it really made sense. I continue to practice the exercises because they work. " Ladi—44 Year old chronic moderate asthmatic
6. Side effects of asthma medication are tremor or
Asthma was a progressively worse problem for Ladi from the time of her first racing heart from your reliever. Husky voice, oral symptoms as a small child. As the number and amount of medications thrush, bruising easily, thin skin, and/or suppressed increased, Ladi began to try to control her asthma by controlling her immune system from your steroid preventers environment. Symptoms, medication, doctors, costs and side effects came to be 9. Indicators asthma is dictating your life style are
synonymous and a very large part of Ladi's life. "It's been like a dark cloud over avoiding doing activities, eating foods or going places me daily", she reported of her constant chest tightness, the sound and rattle of wheezing in her chest, her inability to feel she could breath properly. In November 1999, Ladi saw an article in a local paper about a new drug-free treatment for asthma. She attended a seminar which talked about Buteyko and


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