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Date of Birth: July 15, 1965 Citizenship: Centre for Neural Circuits and Behaviour Director, Centre for Neural Circuits and Behaviour Associate Professor of Cellular and Molecular Physiology Assistant Professor of Cell Biology and Genetics Postdoctoral Fellow with Dr. James E. Rothman University of Innsbruck Medical School, Austria M.D. thesis with Dr. Josef R. Patsch: “Relationship of triglyceride and high-density lipoprotein metabolism” Wolstencroft Memorial Lecture, British Neuroscience Association Heller Lectures in Computational Neuroscience, Bayliss-Starling Prize Lecture, The Physiological Society Klingenstein Fellowship in the Neurosciences Technological Innovations in Neuroscience Award, McKnight Endowment Fund for Neuroscience M.D., Sub auspiciis praesidentis rei publicae Erwin Schrödinger Fellow, Austrian Science Foundation Publications Miesenböck, G., W. Siebels, G. Blümel and R. 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De Angelis, D.A., G. Miesenböck, B.V. Zemelman and J.E. Rothman (1998) PRIM: Proximity imaging of green fluorescent protein-tagged polypeptides. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 95: 12312-12316. Miesenböck, G. (1999) Imaging exocytosis with pH-sensitive green fluorescent proteins. In: R. Yuste, F. Lanni and A. Konnerth (eds.) Imaging Neurons. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, 59.1 – 59.12. Yuste, R., R.B. Miller, K. Holthoff, S. Zhang and G. Miesenböck (2000) Synapto- pHluorins: Chimeras of pH-sensitive green fluorescent proteins and synaptic vesicle membrane proteins as reporters of neurotransmitter release. Methods Enzymol. 327: 522-546. Zemelman, B.V. and G. Miesenböck (2001) Genetic schemes and schemata in neurophysiology. Curr. Opin. Neurobiol. 11: 409-414. Zemelman, B.V., G.A. Lee, M. Ng and G. Miesenböck (2002) Selective photostimulation of genetically chARGed neurons. Neuron 33: 15-22. Ng, M., R.D. Roorda, S.Q. Lima, B.V. Zemelman, P. Morcillo and G. 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Miesenböck (2007) Optical detection of action potentials and other discrete physiological events: a perspective from signal detection theory. Physiology 22: 47-55. Ferguson, S.M., G. Brasnjo, M. Hayashi, M. Wölfel, C. Collesi, S. Giovedi, A. Raimondi, L.W. Gong, P. Ariel. S. Paradise, E. O’Toole, R. Flavell, O. Cremona, G. Miesenböck, T.A. Ryan and P. De Camilli (2007) A selective activity-dependent requirement for dynamin 1 in synaptic vesicle endocytosis. Science 316: 570-574. Clyne, J.D., and G. Miesenböck (2008) Sex-specific control and tuning of the pattern generator for courtship song in Drosophila. Cell 133: 354-363. Commentary in: Cell (2008) 133: 210–212. Nat. Rev. Neurosci. (2008) 9: 412. Sjulson, L., and G. Miesenböck (2008) Photocontrol of neural activity: biophysical mechanisms and performance in vivo. Chem. Rev. 108: 1588-1602. Sjulson, L., and G. Miesenböck (2008) Rational optimization and imaging in vivo of a genetically encoded optical voltage reporter. J. Neurosci. 28: 5582-5593. Miesenböck, G. (2008) Lighting up the brain. Scientific American 299: October Clyne, J.D., and G. Miesenböck (2009) Postcoital finesse. Neuron 61: 491-493. Claridge-Chang, A., R.D. Roorda, E. Vrontou, L. Sjulson, H. Li, J. Hirsh and G. Miesenböck (2009) Writing memories with light-addressable reinforcement circuitry. Cell 139: 405-415. Commentary in: Cell (2009) 139: 225-227. Nat. Rev. Neurosci. (2009) 10: 832. Miesenböck, G. (2009) The optogenetic catechism. Science 326: 395-399. Kätzel, D., B.V. Zemelman, C. Buetfering, M. Wölfel and G. Miesenböck (2011) The columnar and laminar organization of inhibitory connections to neocortical excitatory cells. Nat. Neurosci. 14: 100-107. Miesenböck, G. (2011) Optogenetic control of cells and circuits. Annu. Rev. Cell

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