Be strong, go fast, stay NATURAL
AGISKO was founded with the goal of spreading a new concept of sport integration through INNOVATIVE NATURAL PRODUCTS IN the world of sport and fi tness. The AGISKO project originates from the long experience of profes-sionals in the fi eld of natural and nutritional supplement.
The term natural nutritional supplement means intake of natural substances that allow the athlete to train successfully and enjoy a high level of wellbeing before, during and after physical activity. In-tegration should not go beyond the natural ability of the athlete but should allow the body to be in good condition to give the best and not suffer from defi ciencies and imbalances. Natural nutritional supplements put the body in the best possible conditions for maxi-mum results, to train better and longer and reduce recovery time. Ultimately to improve their performance and well-being through work and training.

A gel energy based on a particular mixture of carbohydrates (AGISKO FUEL) and MCT (medium chain triglycerides).
It does not cause changes in the blood glucose curve and therefore does not induce the “apparent effort” effect (re-
active hypoglycemia), which often affects those who take energy containing unsuitable sugar. It is a natural product
formulated from cereals grown naturally, without sucrose and added dextrose, colorants, and aggressive preserva-
tives (eg sodium benzoate).
It contains no caffeine, guarana or other substances. Very suitable for younger athletes. It does not contain caffeine,
guaranà or other neurostimolants. Very suitable for younger athletes. Thanks to its high quality and natural ingre-
dients, Agisko Gel is a product indicated for those who have a particularly sensitive stomach and gastric and/or liver
diffi culties to tolerate other products.
How to use: take the contents of one sachet 15 minutes before the activity or when you feel the need. It is recommen-
ded to accompany intake with an adequate amount of liquid, preferably Agisko Sports Drink.
It contains: Agisko Fuel, MTC, Maltodextrin.
Vegan Formula. Without added sucrose, eggs, milk and dairy products, gluten.
gel sachet - 37 gr - 15 sachet box - Citrus gel 16 servings bottle - Citrus - 600 gr gel 16 servings bottle - Strawberry - 600 gr HYDRATATION DRINK
Lovers of sports need energy and fl uids. Agisko Hydratation Drink is a hydrating product indicated to restore the correct levels of fl uid and electro-
lytes in the body. Basically, it is “water to the nth degree,” that is, water that has been fortifi ed with nutrients and electrolytes to speed assimilation.
It is a 100% natural formula, no colouring, preservatives or artifi cial fl avours. It does not contain sucrose nor added
dextrose. It contains Agave Juice, a natural sweetener plant that has a naturally sweet optimal profi le. It has low
acidity values. It is a concentrated product to be diluted.
Modo d’uso: Ensure supply of the liquid inside the measurement container. Dilute the contents of the container in
500 ml of water.
Vegan Formula. Without added sucrose, eggs, milk and dairy products, gluten.
drink sachet - 37 ml - 15 sachet box. Lime A9ORANGE drink sachet - 37 ml - 15 sachet box. Orange A9LEM4 Agisko Drink 4 servings bottle Lime - 100 ml Agisko Drink 4 servings bottle Orange - 100 ml Agisko Drink 26 servings bottle Lime - 1 lit Agisko Drink 26 servings bottle Orange - 1 lit


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