Cancer seminar notes july 2012

Cancer seminar
Ginseng & Dang Gui 10
Chinese formula to help cancer patients with energy.
Cell Protect
Green tea and turmeric increases efficacy as it helps cancer drugs to stay in Green tea  causes cycle arrest giving the cell time to determine if normal or damaged and therefore destroying itself if abnormal.
Vit D reduces hyper proliferation of cancer cells.
Antioxidants that only protects healthy cell not cancer cells. Increase expression of P53 re cell cycle self checking.
BRCA1 and  BRCA2 are gene mutations which give 5 percent genetic risk of breast and ovary cancers. Worse if they drink alcohol.  Folate, B12, B6
Used for methylation for prevention care around 1000 mcg/day.
FA inhibits recurrence of colorectal cancer.
Fruit & Veg
Increase fruit and veg to increase phyto nutrients which are plants natural protection. NB Added chemicals make food not need to produce this natural protection so use organic fruit and veg. such as; TomatoGarlicCinnamonCruciferoues vegetablesTurmeric Avoid environmental toxins;
Avoid Internal toxins
Poor gut bacteria [dysbiosis] promotes inflammation and cancer is an St Mary's thistle
Liver protection. Avoid strong detoxification methods as ATP may be low which is needed for energy. You need energy to do a detox otherwise person may become more tired during a detox.
Helps gut protection and is needed for healing of the gut lining e.g. in leaky Kidney care
Use with oestrogen driven cancers. Best used with i-3-C re boosts effect.
Indole3 carbinol
Methylation re phase 2 liver detox to get rid of estrogens re less DNA damage Zinc and molybdenum
Inhibit cancer invasiveness, proliferation, tumours and increase abnormal cell death re breast, prostate, colon, skin and lung cancer Genistein [soy isolate]
This is a sign of high estrogen levels re prostate cancer [use i-3-C and Estero Circus, turmeric and isoflavones
Mito activate
Healthy mitochondria suppresses tumour progression ie use hens green tea, Yerba mate, Korean ginseng, lipoid acid (antioxidant) Phospholipids and CoQ10
These protect the mitochondria and offsets chemotherapy side effects i.e. they help prevent fatigue due to helping mitochondrial wall.
CoQ10 100mg per day reduces heart damage from chemo, protects mitochondria from oxidative stress and normalises cancerous cell energy.
Decreases side effects of chemo and radiotherapy.
There are often Low EPA and DHA in cancer patients.
Important for cell and mitochondria membranes.
2000 mg EPA daily inhibits proliferation and induces apoptosis in colon Tocotrienols
Tocotrienols modulate cancer related genes, promote apoptosis in prostate
Helps to create healthy cell membranes and cognition with lipids.
Phospholipids improve cognitive function in Alzheimer's dx.
Lipids and tocotrienols for healthy cell membranes and cognition.
If undergoing chemo and audio therapy.
If there is fatigue from cancer or cancer treatment.
High insulin and obesity are drivers of cancer re use glycemic diet.
High protein low carb may slow tumour growth by lowering insulin.
Wasting away muscle means there is going to be more insulin sensitivity as there are less cells to convert sugars into energy so it will be stored in fat cells instead of ready energy in muscle cells.
Metabolic syndrome associated with more aggressive tumours Cancers are addicted to glucose. Reduced carbohydrate diet important.
Panax ginseng
Decreases angiogenesis in animal melanomas.


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