10-14-2010 lifetime television partners with army of women


‘Army Wives’ lend support in enrolling breast cancer research volunteers; More than 700 retailers across the
U.S. enlisted to help
10.14.2010– Los Angeles, CA – The Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation is proud to announce a partnership with
Lifetime Television to recruit volunteers to join its Army of Women initiative at www.armyofwomen.org.
• Throughout October, Lifetime Television wil broadcast public service announcements featuring Army Wives series’
stars Sal y Pressman and Brigid Brannagh;
• Dr. Susan Love is featured as part of “Lifetime Celebrates Remarkable Women” campaign airing on the network;
• Lifetime Television is distributing Army of Women point-of-purchase displays with Army of Women decals to more
than 700 retailers throughout the United States to increase visibility and encourage sign-ups;
• To extend the message further, the Army of Women wil also be included as part of Lifetime’s advertisements in the
special breast cancer awareness issues of USA Today and the Los Angeles Times;
• Army of Women wil be featured on the mylifetime.com website (ht p:/ www.mylifetime.com/my-lifetime-
commitment/breast-cancer) as wel as in the email newsletter and on the Lifetime social media platforms.
The Army of Women initiative, a program of the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation, funded by a grant from the
Avon Foundation for Women, is recruiting one mil ion women of al ages and ethnicities, with or without breast
cancer, to sign up and participate in breast cancer research studies.
Current studies focus on using breast milk to screen for breast cancer, finding a better way to predict a woman's
breast cancer risk, ef ects of Depo Provera on breast tissue, among other studies. For the ful list of current projects,
visit ht p:/ www.armyofwomen.org/current.
After signing up at www.armyofwomen.org, members are then contacted via email blast to participate in
groundbreaking, breast cancer prevention research studies. They can either sign-up for the studies online, or if they
do not qualify, they are encouraged to forward the information to a friend or family member. Every woman over 18 is
welcome to participate, whether a breast cancer survivor or someone never af ected.
The mission of the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation is to eradicate breast cancer and improve the quality of
women’s health through innovate research, education and advocacy. For more information, visit www.dslrf.org.
The most successful series in Lifetime’s history, Army Wives fol ows the struggles, dreams and friendships of a
diverse group of women – and one man – living with their spouses and families on an active army post. The series
stars Kim Delaney, Sal y Pressman, Brigid Brannagh, Brian McNamara, Sterling K. Brown, Wendy Davis, Drew
Ful er, Terry Serpico, Katelyn Pippy and Catherine Bel . Produced by ABC Studios, Army Wives wil return for its fifth
season in 2011. For more information, visitwww.mylifetime.com.
Lifetime Television, the number one rated women’s network, is committed to offering the highest quality
entertainment and information programming, and advocating a wide range of issues af ecting women and their
families. Lifetime Television®, Lifetime Movie Network®, Lifetime Real Women® and Lifetime Digital™ (which
includes myLifetime.com, LMN.tv, Lifetime Games, Roiworld.com, DressUpChal enge.com, MothersClick.com and
LifetimeMoms.com) are part of Lifetime Entertainment Services, LLC, a subsidiary of A&E Television Networks, LLC.
A&E Television Networks is a joint venture of the Disney-ABC Television Group, Hearst Corporation and NBC

Source: http://www.armyofwomen.org/pdf/PR10142010.pdf


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