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Benefit versus risks: from test tube to patient: improving health through human drugs

HOW CDER APPROVES NEW DRUGS Under current law, all new drugs need proof that they are effective and safe beforethey can be approved for marketing. No drug is absolutely safe . there is always somerisk of an adverse reaction. However, when a proposed drug’s benefits outweighknown risks, the FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER) considershas a benefit. In the firs


Introduzione di Renzo Pascolat ai temi del Convegno AFE-CISL del 22 ottobre 2012,ore 16,Sala Tarantelli sede Cisl,via Ciconi,16 Udine: “REGIONE FVG ed ENTI LOCALI-RENDERE LE ISTITUZIONI MENO COSTOSE E PIU' EFFICACI”. Grazie a tutti voi per la presenza e ai relatori per il contributo che sul piano delle analisi e delle proposte certamente faranno nel corso dei loro interventi. Devo in a

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