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7th Grade Fall Trip 2011

Dear Seventh Grade Parents,
The Grade 7 team philosophy behind the Fall Trip is to give students an opportunity to
get to know each other as well as learn about our host country, Hungary, introducing an
important aspect of the school’s Mission, Vision, and Values. The beginning of the
school year is an ideal time to develop friendships for new and returning students. All of
the 7th grade team teachers are looking forward to a wonderful trip with your child!
We are happy to announce that the Grade 7 trip, scheduled for September 14-16, will
again take us to the northern shore of Lake Balaton. We will stay at the Zanka Children
and Youth Center, (Tel: 87 468 180 and 87 468 084). Teachers will have mobile
telephones in case of emergency:
Mrs. Robin Mahon (06-30-398-0153)- the 7th Grade Team Leader
Mr. John Matlock (06-30-501-3877)
Ms. Stacey Henderson (06-30-824-7611)
Mr. Victor Fubler (06-30-712-5377)

General Information
uring our three-day educational trip, we will engage in a number of terrific cultural and
historical activities around the lake. These include visiting Sumeg Castle and seeing a
medieval show, exploring Festetics Castle, a ropes and climbing course in Zanka,
engaging in a host of leadership and bonding activities, and performing in a talent show.
Students might even earn the right to be a member of the Polar Bear Club. Brrr! Our last
day will take us to the magnificent Lake Cave of Tapolca where the students canoe
through the cave.
Students are expected to participate in all of the scheduled activities, rain or shine, so
please be sure that your child brings rain gear and extra clothing, including a spare pair of
shoes. The following is a suggested list of what is needed but please check the weather
before packing, just in case:
Phones (OK to use at night in the sleeping room) I-pod, MP3 players (OK to use at night and on the bus coming back to AISB) *We ask that the swimsuit & towel be packed in a small separate bag for the sake of
convenience upon arrival at Zanka and Lake Balaton.
For the departure day, Wednesday, September 14th, students need to bring their own bag
lunch and a drink. (AISB will provide a bag lunch for Pre-paid lunch students.) We will
meeting at the Novotel Hotel Buda, Jagello ut next to MOM Park. Please have your child
there by 8:00 a.m.
All meals, museum entries, activity admission fees, hotel and bus expenses are covered.
The recommended spending money for the trip is 5,000 HUF, in smaller notes.
Students are encouraged to bring a camera to document these memorable three days.
While we remind students not to leave things behind, the teachers cannot be responsible
for their personal belongings, so please consider this when packing with your child.
7th Grade Fall Trip 2011
Parents drop students off at Novotel Hotel Buda (on Jagello Ut. Near Mom Park) Students take lunch, swimsuit, towel, shorts, shirts, shoes and all walk to the Beach Students eat lunch, sail, build boats, and swim Arrive at Sumeg Castle-explore castle, writing assignment Dinner and Medieval show at Sumeg Castle Arrive in `Keszthely, visit Festetics Castle Buses arrive at Zanka, students change for Zanka/Talent Show rehearsal Group 1 leaves for Zankaland (ropes course); Group 2 practices talent show Group 1 returns from Zankaland and practices talent show Buses leave for the Lake Cave of Tapolca Pizza lunch at restaurant and final reflection Arrive at AISB-Students take their gear and go home AISB MIDDLE SCHOOL FALL TRIP – 2011
Respect Yourself, Others and the Environment The Fall Trips are an extension of the AISB school environment, therefore the same set of expectations and behaviors are in place. The behaviors and expectations have been repeated below to include language explicit to the Fall Trip setting. One important goal of an AISB education is to teach students social responsibility. Social responsibility is based upon respect for oneself, respect for others and respect for the environment. Socially responsible Fall Trip behaviors include: • Following all rules and expectations • Working cooperatively in groups • Treating self, others, and the environment with respect and • Being where you belong • Cleaning up after yourself • Being on time to meals, activities and meeting points • Coming prepared to learn something new • Actively participating in activities • Being determined to do one’s best • Moving in a safe and respectful manner If a student breaks the trust implicit in the “Respect Yourself, Others and the Environment” motto of the Fall Trips, and is sent home, then the parent(s) will be required to pick him/her up from the trip location. The Fall Trips are an intensive community building experience for students and teachers alike and therefore we encourage students to use cell phones and Ipods according to the guidelines set by the teachers. Please sign that you have read and understand the expectations and agree to adhere to them while on the Fall Trip. Student Signature: ______________________________ Date:_________ Parent Signature: _______________________________ Date:_________ Print Family Name: _________________________________________ AISB Permission Slip
7th Grade Fall Trip
Name of Student: _______________________________ I give permission for my child to participate in the above mentioned Fall Trip. I understand that his/her participation may subject him/her to the normal risks associated with this activity. I also understand that the school will provide reasonable supervision of this activity, nevertheless, those supervisors and/or the school in general cannot be held accountable for any injuries that may occur. The school does not carry medical insurance or insurance for other costs arising from accidents that may occur through no fault or negligence of the school. It is recommended that parents review their medical insurance and ensure In signing this permission slip, I authorize school personnel to take reasonable action to safeguard the health and well being of my child, including administering first aid and, if necessary, obtaining emergency medical treatment. I understand the school will make every effort to contact me in the event professional medical treatment is required. Lastly, I affirm that I have informed the school nurse of any changes in my child’s medical condition, including medications being taken, since completing his/her medical history form. We have also read & understand the AISB 2011-2012 MS Student-Parent PLEASE COMPLETE THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION & RETURN IT TO
Student’s Nationality: _________________________________________ Student’s Passport #: _________________________________________ Telephone (Day): ____________________________________________ Telephone (Evening): _________________________________________ Student’s Insurance Provider: __________________________________ Student’s Insurance # (confidential): _____________________________ Alternative Contact Person’s Name: _____________________________ Telephone (Day): ____________________________________________ Telephone (Evening): _________________________________________ List any allergies, prescription medicine, medical conditions or dietary restrictions that your child has (ex: allergic to aspirin; can’t eat shellfish): Signature of Parent: ___________________________ Signature of Student: __________________________


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