NAME : Dr Manaswini Mangaraj
Dept . of Biochemistry, AIIMS. Bhubaneswar.
Qualification: M.B.B.S. (S.C.B. Medical College,Cuttack,Odisha) M.D. Biochemistry (V.S.S. Medical College,Burla,Odisha Duplex no 30, Bhawani Construction.
Awards: Asia- A, Kyoto Award in 18th ICCC & Lab. Medicine Life Time Health Achievement Award .
Training: Laboratory Quality Management & Internal Audit Teaching Experience: Sixteen years as Assistant and Associate Professor in various Life member of Association of Clinical Biochemists Of India Life member of Association of Medical Biochemists Of India Publications: Eighteen papers in various national and international journals 1. Behera S,Mangaraj M.,Mohapatra PC.Diagnostic efficacy of ischemia modified
albumin and its cor-relation with lipid profile,oxidative stress in acute myocardial infarct patients on admission.Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Diseases.2012;62-65. 2. Dash P,Pati S,Mangaraj M,Sahu PK,Mohapatra PC.Serum total PSA and free
PSA in breast tumors.Ind J Clin Biochem.2011;26(2):182-186 3. Kumari S,Panda2.Kumari S,Panda TK,Mangaraj M,Mohapatra PC.effect of
vitamin E supplementation on biochemical parameters in diabetic retinopathy patients.Indian Medical Gazette.Feb-2011;Vol.CXLV,No-2:43-49 4. Singh B,Panda S,Nanda R,Pati S,Mangaraj M,Sahu PK,Mohapatra PC.Effect of
Metformin on hormonal and biochemical profile in PCOS before and after therapy.Ind J Clin Biochem.(Oct-Dec 2010);25(4):367-370 5. Pradhan T,Mangaraj M,Sahu PK,Mohapatra PC.Serum ADA activity and lipid
peroxidation in leprosy.Ind J Med Biochem.2009;13(2):29-34. 6. Panda S ,Nanda R,Mangaraj M,Mohapatra PC.Estimation of hepatic enzymes in
non-obese diabetic patients.Ind Med Gazette.Aug 2009;Vol.CXLIII.No-8:296-299chem.2009;Vol-13(2):29-34 7. Patel S,Panda S,Nanda R,Mangaraj M,Mohapatra PC.Influence of oxidants and
antioxidants on semen parameters in in infertile males.J Ind Med Asso.Feb 2009;VOL.107(2):78-82 8. Mangaraj M ,Kumari S,Nanda R,Pattnaik MR,Mohaptra PC.Pleural fluid MDA
and serum effusion and albumin gradiant in pleural effusion.Ind J Clin Biochem.2008;23(1):81-84 9. Kumari S,Panda S,Mangaraj M,Mandal MK,Mohapatra PC.Plasma MDA and
antioxidant vitamins in Diabetic Retinopathy.Ind J clin Biochem.2008;23(2):158-162 10. Nanda R,Mohanty S,Mangaraj M,Mohapatra PC.Serum uric acid,lipid profile
and lipid peroxidation status in patients of essential hypertension.Ind J Med Biochem.2008;12(1):49-54 11. Patel S,Mohanty S,Mangaraj M,Mohapatra PC.Oxidant-antioxodant status in
oligospermic infertile males.Ind J Med Biochem.2007;11(1):46-52 12. Mishra S,Mangaraj M,Mohapatra PC.Altered plasma Malon Dialdihyde and
Nitric Oxide in Type II Diabetic Mellitus.Ind J Med Biochem.2006;10(2):38-43 13. Chaudhury J,Mangaraj M,Mandal MK,Behera PK.Lipid Peroxidation,plasma
uric acid and antioxidant neutrients in pre-eclampsia.Ind J Med Biochem.2005;9(1):28-34 14. Mangaraj M,Ghosh S,Chaudhury J,Behera PK.Effect of Cord Entanglement on
lipid peroxidation and acid base status in new born.Ind J Med Biochem.2004;8(1):61-64. 15. Mangaraj M,Chaudhury J,Behera PK.Post operative electrolyte disturbances.Ind
16. Mishra PK,Mangaraj M,Chaudhury J.Serum Magnesium and Zinc in diabetic
Pregnancy.Ind J Med Biochem.2003;7(1&2):43-47 17. Behera PK,Mangaraj M,Pattnaik N,Das AK,Mishra PK.A study on some srum
enzymes and their ratios in the diagnosis and differentiation of lever diseases.Ind J Med Biochem.2000;4(1&2):33-35. 18. Parija CR,Mangaraj M,Behera PK,Kanungo P,Mandal MK,Mishra PK.Serum
lipids in renal diseases.Ind J Med Biochem.1997;1(1):44-48.


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Species Reactivity: The antibody recognises poly(ADP-ribose) synthesised by a wide range of poly(ADP-ribose) polymerases like human, mouse, rat or drosophila PARP enzymes. >95 % as determined by SDS-PAGE. The antibody was purified from bioreactor supernatant using protein A affinity chromatography. 0,1 ml solution containing 50 mM HEPES, 100 mM NaCl, 1% BSA and 0.02 % sodium azide, pH 7.4 S

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RIASSUNTO DELLE CARATTERISTICHE DEL PRODOTTO 1 Denominazione del medicinale TERAZOSINA ABC 2 mg compresse TERAZOSINA ABC 5 mg compresse 2 Composizione qualitativa e quantitativa Ogni Compressa divisibile da 2 mg contiene 2,374 mg di terazosina cloridrato di drata equivalenti a 2 mg di terazosina. Ogni Compressa divisibile da 5 mg contiene 5,935 mg di terazosina cloridrato di drata equivalenti a

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