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3 pair of pants (breakaway pants are very nice) 4 shirts/both long sleeve and short sleeve 2 pairs of comfortable, well broken in, shoes or walking boots
**Avoid bright colors (khakis and dark greens are best) no cammo. **Laundry is done daily in camps so pack light. Take clothes that are sturdy enough to withstand vigorous hand washing and can dry easily, remember they will not be washing your clothes in a Maytag.
Optional Clothing: Rain Gear – we suggest getting Frogg Todd’s as they are lightweight.
**Remember if it is summer here it is winter there. It can be quite cold in the morning and evenings. Please make sure that you have clothing that can be layered to accommodate changing temperatures.
Along with your usual daily necessities, Sunscreen Extra set of glasses and/or contact lenses
LOTS of extra camera batteries and flashlight batteries Flashlight or fluorescent lights for each person – I usually take an extra one Lots of film (film is very expensive over there) Small backpack or soft-sided bag to carry personal gear on hunting vehicle Pocketknife, Gerber multi tool or Swiss army knife Equipment: Taxidermy Tags
Tie straps, duct tape, rubber bands, and safety pins **You cannot rely on camps having reliable electricity. ** If you are bringing a video camera please bring an extra charged battery. ***200ASA film is a good speed for general photography, but 400ASA is better for fast moving objects and evening shots.
Broad band spectrum antibiotic (Cipro)
Moleskin (blister pads), foot powder, corn cushions Malaria prophylaxes are necessary in most countries* *Don’t forget to visit your doctor before you travel. Your personal physician knows you best, so please seek
his or her recommendations concerning medications and inoculations. A few countries do require yellow fever
and cholera. The Center for Disease Control in Atlanta is our preferred source of information.
**Make a list of any medications, including their strengths, and carry the list in a separate place in the event
your bag gets lost.
***Don’t forget some vaccinations take several weeks to complete and are good for certain times periods. Do not forget the
little yellow immunization record book nor forget to have the doctor sign off that he gave you those required shots. Place
your immunization record with your passport
Allen wrench and screwdriver kits to fit screws on your rifle and scopes Airline regulations require that all firearms be transported in a hard, locked gun case and be declared
for sporting use. Be sure and fill out the US customs form with your firearms serial numbers before
leaving the US. It will save any hassles over firearms import duty fees upon re-entry into the country.
Customs declarations forms are available at major airports and customs offices. Make sure you carry it
with your passport. Ammunition must be packed separately and strict adherence to the maximum
allowable weight of 5 kilos (11lbs) for international flights is followed.
Most carriers’ liability for baggage is limited to $1250 so you might consider purchasing extra insurance
protection especially for your firearms.

Make a photocopy of the following;
Inside of your passport (photo & info page) Inoculation booklet (if needed) List of all medications Listing of all traveler’s check numbers List of serial numbers for cameras and firearms Copy of quantity of ammo in each caliber *Keep this list someplace apart from where you keep these other items.
Packing Tips:
**Weight and number of bags is a problem. The father into the bush you get the smaller the aircraft become and the less weight you can carry with you. Keep taking stuff out, condensing various items with other items and soon it will all fit. **Pack any item that can spill, explode or create a mess into a zip lock bag, they will slip and slide around and pack better. Not to mention save you much cleaning and frustration. **Lay clothes out and pack them flat. I have found a great duffle bag works well and can hold far more than the average suitcase. Just make sure to lock the duffle bag and remove any shoulder straps that could become hung in luggage transfer and tear the bag. THIS AFRICAN PACKING LIST IS A GUIDELINE ONLY.


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