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String too short to be saved, 1979, 155 pages, donald hall, david r. godine publisher, 1979, pdf ebook

String Too Short to be Saved, Donald Hall, David R. Godine Publisher, 1979, 087923282X, 9780879232825,155 pages. This is a collection of stories diverse in subject, but sutured together by the limitless affection theauthor holds for the land and the people of New England. Donald Hall tells about life on a small farm where,as a boy, he spent summers with his grandparents. Gradually the boy grows to be a young man, sees hisgrandparents aging, the farm become marginal, and finally, the cows sold and the barn abandoned. But theseare more than nostalgic memories, for in the measured and tender prose of each episode are signs of the end ofthings - a childhood, perhaps a culture. In an Epilogue written for this edition, Donald Hall describes his returnto the farm twenty-five years later, to live the rest of his life in the house of string. We take pleasure inbringing back into print this classic account of boyhood summers in old New England, with the addition of anEpilogue and an album of family snapshots. Goatfoot Milktongue Twinbird Interviews, Essays, and Notes on Poetry, 1970-76, Donald Hall, 1978, LiteraryCriticism, 208 pages. Lively, pointed, often polemical essays and interviews on the nature of creativity and thefunction of poetry.
Jane Kenyon A Literary Life, John H. Timmerman, Sep 1, 2002, Biography & Autobiography, 260 pages. It isa testament to the enduring power and beauty of Jane Kenyons poetry that many people -- even those notparticularly interested in poetry -- know her work. What forces and .
The Decline and Fall of Practically Everybody , Will Cuppy, 1992, Biography & Autobiography, 240 pages.
Little known facts about some very famous men and women in history, including Cheops, Hatshepsut,Pericles, Alexander the Great, Hannibal, Cleopatra, Attila The Hun .
My Wilderness , William O. Douglas, Jan 1, 1989, , 256 pages. .
Albert the Fix-It Man , , 2008, Juvenile Fiction, 28 pages. A beginner's guide to the diverse world of reptiles.
Woodcraft and Camping , George Washington Sears, 1963, Crafts & Hobbies, 105 pages. A famouswoodsman provides classic instructions for roughing it, camping, hiking, firemaking, cookout, shelters, andmore. "Useful, specific information and suggestions on all .
Principal Products of Portugal Prose Pieces, Donald Hall, 1997, Biography & Autobiography, 288 pages.
"This is Hall at large, ruminating on the subjects that never fail to move him: baseball, poetry, poets, reading,the rough terrain of home." -The New Yorker"A vibrant .
In the Blood A Memoir of My Childhood, Andrew Motion, 2006, Biography & Autobiography, 326 pages.
Eschewing the confessional or critical tone of some memoirs, and the investigatory or elucidatory approachesof others, Motion strives to recreate the voice and vision of the .
Life Work , Donald Hall, Apr 1, 2003, Biography & Autobiography, 123 pages. Distinguished poet DonaldHall reflects on the meaning of work, solitude, and love "The best new book I have read this year, ofextraordinary nobility and wisdom. It will .
Listening to Prozac , Peter D. Kramer, 1994, Social Science, 409 pages. The therapeutic encounter is at thecore of counselling and psychotherapy training and practice, regardless of therapeutic modality. This bookintroduces a cross-modality .
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